About Us

The Hanyang Database Lab. has been founded by Prof. Dong-Ho Lee to perform scientific research in the field of knowledge and information processing and analysis. Our research interests are classified into flash-aware embedded database and semantic multimedia information retrieval. In flash memory part, we are investigating about developing a high performance hybrid storage system for NAND flash memory based SSD (Solid State Disk). For this work, we intensively perform research on core technologies such as page-layout manager, buffer manager, index manager, and recovery manager considering the characteristics of NAND flash memory. In semantic multimedia information retrieval part, we have been researching technologies for efficiently storing and searching various multimedia data such as image, video, audio, and Web documents. Recently, we have focused on deep learning based multimedia analysis and retrieval research exploiting DNN (Deep Neural Network) and traditional semantic approaches in Web 2.0 environment.



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Addr. ERICA Center (학연산클러스터지원센터) 311-620    
Dept. Computer Science & Engineering
Email. jsdms316@gmail.com                
Tel. 031-400-4677