Current Researches

Major Research Achievements

FoDoSu : Multi-document summarization utilizing folksonomy
  FoDoSu: Multi-Document Summarization Exploiting Semantic Analysis based on Social Folksonomy Multi-document summarization techniques aim to reduce documents into a small set of words or paragraphs that convey the main meaning of the original document. Many approaches to multi-document summarization have used probability based methods and machine learning techniques to summarize multiple documents sharing a common […]
E-mail category recommendation exploiting big data processing techniques
Email category recommendation system based on semantic web exploiting big data processing techniques Nowadays, people who use the Internet have at least one email address. Email has become important means of information sharing and communications. For example, email is used for business communications or business advertisements, and personal use, such as checking bills or keeping […]
LSB-tree : B-tree for NAND flash memory
LSB-Tree: A Log-Structured B-Tree for Flash Memory-based Solid State Drives A solid state drive (SSD) has been popularly used because of its high access speed, low power consumption, and high reliability. Flash memory-based SSDs consist of NAND flash memories and inherit the physical characteristics of a NAND flash memory. However, due to unique characteristics of […]
Personalized health documentation summarization
Personalized health document summarization exploiting UMLS and topic-based clustering for mobile healthcare According to the growing interest in mobile healthcare, multi-document summarization techniques are increasingly required to cope with health information overload and effectively deliver personalized online healthcare information. However, because of the peculiarities of medical terminology and the diversity of subtopics in health documents, […]
Semantic tag recommendation
Semantic tag recommendation based on associated words exploiting the interwiki links of Wikipedia The volumes of multimedia content and users have increased on social multimedia sites due to the prevalence of smart mobile devices and digital cameras. It is common for users to take pictures and upload them to image sharing websites using their smart […]